Unmodified SAP screen, transaction MM03, Basic data 1


del F[Material Group]

// or language independent:



del F[Material Group] -text


del F[Material Group] -value


del F[Base Unit of Measure]


del F[Base Unit of Measure]  -triple


del F[Base Unit of Measure]   F[Base Unit of Measure]+(0,100)


del F[Old material number]+(1,0)


del F[Old material number] F[Old material number]+(2,100)


del G[General data]


del G[General data] -box



del P[Basic data 2]

// or language independent via technical name:

// or language independent with position:


GuiXT script editor: screen element display

P[Basic data 2] or P[SP02] or #[0,2]


// delete all tabs except first one
Set V[i]

label del_tab
if #[0,&V[i]] // tab Nr. i exists?
  del #[0,&V[i]]
  Set V[i] &V[i] + 1
  goto del_tab




del S[TABSPR1]




del P[Additional Data]

// or language independent:

del P[/30]      // Ctrl+F6


Deleting a toolbar button without text

// via tooltip:
del P[Other material]

// or language independent via function key:
del P[/17]   // Shift+F5

// or language independent via icon id:
del P[@2Q@]