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GuiXT Availability Description

2004 Q4 5

November 7, 2004

Corr "EnableSystem" ignored in a special situation (BW, Excel display)
Corr SAP GUI 6.40 with SAP Rel. 4.7: Problem with table display
Corr Option "-scrollable" in "FieldSize" statement not observed for some fields

2004 Q4 4

October 24, 2004

Corr SAP GUI 6.20/6.40:  sporadic problem with multiple sessions
Corr SAP Rel. 4.7, addressing cell values not correct in certain tables  
Corr pos T[...] did not work in ITS environment 
Corr RFC + load balancing, specification of MSSERV= 
Corr TextReplace did not change a field label if "Tip" defined for this field 

2004 Q4 3

September 30, 2004

Corr Problem in 2004 Q4 1: Matchcode for shifted fields not always working

2004 Q4 2

September 29, 2004

Corr Problem in 2004 Q4 1: GuiXT not active for some screens
Corr Coordinates (row/column): limit increased from 255 to 32000

2004 Q4 1

September 22, 2004

Corr Problem with large selection screens (e.g. IW38/39)

2004 Q3 7

September 7, 2004

Corr Table vanished with some table modifications 
(2004 Q3 6 only)
Corr Active script directories reset with each screen
Corr Problem with Radiobuttons and error messages 
(versions 2004 Q3 only)
Corr SAP GUI 6.40: Set/Default for checkboxes failed

2004 Q3 6

September 1, 2004

Corr Unneeded scrollbars displayed in some screens 
Corr SwitchTo in system-specific guixt.ini
Corr RfcCurrentClient + guixt.ini in SAPWR
Corr Corrections for SAP GUI 6.40 and SAP 6.40 kernel (UTF-8)

2004 Q3 5

August 18, 2004

New &[today_user] returns the date according to the user preferences (d.m.y or y/m/d or ...)
Corr Correction for SAP GUI 6.40 (crash in certain situations)

2004 Q3 4

July 25, 2004

New Font selection for GuiXT windows (View->Choose font)
Corr UTF-8 support for GuiXT windows  

2004 Q3 3

July 12, 2004

New Documentation available as HTML help file (.chm)  
Corr System trace file "in use" during SAP session  
Corr Change of script directories in GuiXT profile required saplogon close/open 

2004 Q3 2

June 24, 2004

Corr Correction for component InputAssistant only 

2004 Q3 1

June 23, 2004

New GuiXT icon in red if syntax errors in script. With yellow triangle while GuiXT is active.
New Rfc connection parameters in GuiXT profile (previous versions: in guixt.ini only)
Corr Image and icon display on Windows XP too slow if 16bit colors (OK on 32bit colors)  

2004 Q2 5

June 1, 2004

Corr Problem with image display in some cases 
Corr NoInput for table columns / rows: not always active in case of error message 

2004 Q2 4

May 19, 2004

Corr Trace output for encrypted InputScripts suppressed
Corr FileAccessTimeout in guixt.ini: SwitchTo ignored

2004 Q2 3

May 7, 2004

Corr SAP Rel. 4.0: Some dynamic labels missing in screen elements
Corr Option "Download via current client" in GuiXT profile not saved

2004 Q2 2

April 23, 2004

New (with SAP GUI 6.20) Starting VB scripts in GuiXT Scripts: ApplyGuiScript
Corr if Q[Role=...]: valid from /valid to dates ignored
Corr GuiXT with ITS 6.10/6.20: user catalog directories not working correctly 

2004 Q2 1

March 22, 2004

Corr pos command had no effect on field without label if addressed with technical name
Corr Radiobuttons without text not in screen elements
Corr Wrong technical fieldnames for some output fields
Corr "Error formating terminal data" when using an RFC with screen output from an R/3 Rel 4.x system into an R/3 Rel 3.1 system 

2004 Q1 5

March 4, 2004

Corr "Fieldsize" without effect for output fields without label
Corr "Text": proportional font as default, new option "-fixedfont"
Corr Color of own radiobuttons within group box in case of error message 
Corr Some field names missing in screen elements (misinterpretation as .text of previous field)
Corr Problem with "EnableSystem" in some situations

2004 Q1 4

February 5, 2004

Corr Problem with simultaneous logon in a 3.1 and 4.X SAP system (SAP GUI 6.20)
Corr Popup with error message if start with SAPShortcut + Scripts from Web Reporitory + RFC current client + no RFC user created in client 0

2004 Q1 3

February 1st, 2004

New New option: Pushbutton (toolbar) ...   -separator
Corr Scrolling of images within SAP Portal environment

2004 Q1 2

January 24, 2004

Corr RFC problem if group logon and no port specified  in file "services" 
Corr Compatibility problem with shifted tabstrips 
Corr Images not scrolled together with SAP screen (SAP GUI 6.20 Patch41 and upwards only)
Corr Wrong field names on selection screens (to-fields, R/3 Rel. 4.5)
Corr Variables &winuser and &database not replaced in directory0  for SAPWR access cache
Corr System specific guixt.ini (SwitchTo with &database or web repository): All components active instead of selected ones
Corr System specific guixt.ini (SwitchTo with &database or web repository) not read if all sessions closed but saplogon still active (SAP GUI 6.20)

2004 Q1 1

December 18, 2003

Corr guixt.ini overwritten by guixt setup program 
Corr Textreplace: Display of "xxxx.text" in some text fields (2003 Q4 2 only)
Corr Problem with image/textbox position and scrolling 
Corr User catalog information vanishes in mode 0 after opening a new mode (2003 Q4 2 only) 
Corr Trace entries: Local time now displayed instead of system time
Corr Screen element suffix ".2" missing in some cases (2003 Q4 2 only)
InputAssistant Availability Description

2004 Q4 5

November 7, 2004

New Option "-leadingspace" for InputField
Corr UTF-8 codepage: InputScripts and RFC-Call did not handle non-ascii characters

2004 Q4 4

October 24, 2004

Corr Shared input sets, Image=... ignored
Corr InputRecording with active scripts containing "On" command recorded function code from script
Corr Local value help with several active sessions: "Enter" required after session change 

2004 Q4 3

September 30 2004

Corr Tip for group boxes in conjunction with own InputFields: wrong position of icon

2004 Q4 2

September 30 2004

Corr Local value help in table cells after horizontal scrolling 

2004 Q4 1

September 22 2004

New Enter control="..."  item="..."  event="..."   automates buttons in special controls
New On control="..."  item="..."  event="..."  handles button clicks in special controls
New CopyFile source="..." destination="..."  (includes ftp/http)

2004 Q3 7

September 7 2004

Corr CopyText could not add text to an edit control containing read-only text

2004 Q3 6

September 1 2004

Corr OpenFile "http://....?..."  did not return the requested file ('?' in URL)
Corr Corrections for SAP GUI 6.40 and SAP 6.40 kernel (UTF-8)
2004 Q3 5  August 18, 2004
Corr Enter did not wait for ApplyGuiScript completion  
Corr Call statement (RFC) returned wrong values in  some cases (1-character fields  containing L, M or O)
2004 Q3 4 July 25, 2004
New Debugger for InputScripts
New Title command in InputScripts sets window title during InputScript processing
Corr tabbed page size in conjunction with "NoScrollBar"
2004 Q3 3  July 12, 2004
New History icon display configurable in profile
Corr Possible problem in repainting
2004 Q3 2  June 24, 2004
Corr Problem in previous version 2004 Q3 1 only:
Matchcode selection for own fields produced windows exception
2004 Q3 1 June 23, 2004
New Options -readonly for Checkbox and Radiobutton
New System variables identifying current field name (cursor)
Corr License problem when SAP session started via RFC with dialog
Corr Matchcode selection for own input fields on popup screens not working if "HistoryUpdate No"
Corr Problem with table control display and error messages
2004 Q2 5  June 1, 2004
Corr Tab command for table columns did not work if table moved to new position 
2004 Q2 4 May 19, 2004
New "EnableControls" as a profile option
Corr Starting a /O InputScript from a maximized window kept the new window always on top 
2004 Q2 3  May 7, 2004
New Set V[x](i-k) "value" -alignright
New PlaySound plays .wav sounds
Corr Screen flickering suppressed (F4 for own input field + SAP GUI 6.20 + maximized window)
2004 Q2 2  April 23, 2004
New (with SAP GUI 6.20) Starting VB scripts in InputScripts: ApplyGuiScript
New Set list[row,col] "..." to set entry fields in lists (e.g. mark a list line)
Corr CopyText performed synchronously in InputScript if before first Screen command
Corr InputField: additional searchhelp parameters mixed up on some screens with subscreens
2004 Q2 1  March 22, 2004
Corr Problem with matchcode values starting with space characters
2004 Q1 5 March 4, 2004
Corr Problem with number of displayed table rows after InputScript processing
2004 Q1 4  February 5, 2004
New "OpenFile" ... -nocache  bypasses GuiXT cache
Corr "AppendFile" to a file "\\server\..."  did not work if GuiXT cache active
2004 Q1 3  February 1st, 2004
Corr Problem with "Object services control" in title bar + InputScripts
2004 Q1 2  January 24, 2004
New Symbolic variable components, e.g. V[cust](KNA1-NAME1) (based on SAP data dictionary)
New InputField ...   -alignright
New InputField ...   -readonly
New CopyText toText="..."    -fromClipboard
CopyText fromText="..."    -toClipboard
Corr Problem with  "using par = [fieldname]"  if   V[fieldname] exists as well 
Corr Problem with InputScript handling of warning messages coming on new screen 
ProcessingOption IgnoreWarningOnNewScreen=On)
2004 Q1 1  December 18, 2003
New F1 for own input fields (new ZGUIXTF4 required) 
Current limitation: no additional functions (hyperlinks, printing) possible
New ReturnValues returns values (to screen or to variables) from /O-mode 
New CopyText toText="xxxx*" ... sets all texts with name xxxx...