Let the user toggle between "simplified" and "standard"

Simplifying a screen always runs the risk of removing an element that a user will need one day in a particular situation. By deactivating GuiXT in the SAP GUI options it is possible to revert the screen to SAP standard and to perform a special task, for example to enter additional selection criteria or parameters.
In situations where you already expect that the SAP standard screen will be needed for certain tasks, you can add a "toggle" button that lets the user toggle between the 'simplified' and  'standard' screen view.


  • Use the pushbutton command to add a toolbar button that starts an InputScript
  • In the InputScript you toggle a variable between "" and "X"
  • In the GuiXT script you query this variable and do not execute the simplification if the user has switched to 'standard'


We add a toolbar button "Show more selection criteria..." with an appropriate icon:


When the user clicks the button, the selection screen is shown in SAP standard mode and the toolbar button is now "Show less selection criteria...":


InputScript "toggle_rm06bkps_view.txt"

// toggle selection screen view for list RM06BKPS
if V[rm06bkps_show_standard=X]
  Set V[rm06bkps_show_standard] ""
  Set V[rm06bkps_show_standard] "X"


GuiXT Script

if not V[rm06bkps_show_standard]

  // toolbar button to display standard view
  Pushbutton (toolbar) "@GU@Show more selection critera..." _

   // remove unused selections
  del F[Purchase requisition] F[Purchase requisition]+(0,120)
  del F[Material] F[Material]+(0,120)
  del F[Material group] F[Material group]+(0,120)
  del F[Network/order] F[Network/order]+(0,120)
  del G[Additional WBS element criteria]

  // Set fixed value "ALV" for list type and remove parameter
  Set F[Scope of list] "ALV"
  del F[Scope of list]

  // remove horizontal line after "Project"
  del F[------.]

  // remove whole selection block at the end of the screen
  del F[Item category] F[Item category]+(30,80)

  // remove all empty lines from screen


  // toolbar button to display simplified view
  Pushbutton (toolbar) "@2W@Show less selection critera..." _