Create a date entry field

Use an InputField with option -date. The field size is automatically set to 10:

InputField (2,2) "Order date" (2,20) name="orderdate" -date

The user may enter a date in short notation or use the calendar searchhelp:

 This is transformed to the normal date format (user specific format) with the next "Enter":

The first time a date is entered in a SAP GUI session GuiXT needs to read the user date format via RFC. This means that you need a valid RFC user and password in GuiXT profile for using the -date option. If you are sure that all users work with the same date format, e.g. DD.MM.YYYY, you can specify this date format with


in the GuiXT "session" script. Here "1" is the SAP short notation for the date format:


This avoids the RFC call for the user date format.

In any case the calendar search help is available for the entry field:

GuiXT does not check the date automatically; use the "CheckDate" command with a suitable error message in your InputScript before using the date entered.