You want to open and edit directories and files from the SAP MIME repository directly in Windows Explorer.

You can use the SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS) to provide a connection via WebDAV to the MIME Repository. After mounting you can use the directory in the MIME repository like a normal drive in Windows Explorer.
The main application purpose of ITS is to render SAP applications through HTML and JavaScript. In addition, the technology is also used to map online or information systems.

The WebDAV server initially reveals itself as a normal HTTP server in the Internet Communication Framework (ICF). The ICF determines the protocol, port, and path information.

What works well:
You can load files directly and edit them in an editor of your choice. Press save and the file is automatically updated in the MIME repository. Download of many files and folders is also possible.

Renaming of files and folders is not possible. Additionally, editing and uploading many files at once is not very well supported.

You can also import files directly in SE80. In addition, you can use report BSP_UPDATE_MIMEREPOS to import or export multiple files and folders at once.
Use transaction SICF to create a service that acts as a WebDAV server. You can also use an existing service that is designed for this purpose: BSP_DEV.

The only requirement for the service is that "CL_O2_HTTP_WEBDAV" is entered in the list of handlers.

You can specify a user so that connection is enabled without login. Otherwise the user must log in with his SAP user data. The service must be enabled to be accessible via HTTP. It might be neccessary to activate the service:

For each new BSP application, the system creates an identically named directory in the MIME Repository, but it is empty.

Test the service to see if it is reachable:

The browser will open and an empty site should load. The address/URL is then used to connect to the MIME repository via WebDAV protocol.

Connecting via WebDAV
You can now connect to the server. The easiest way is to is to use the client integrated in Windows Explorer. Right click on "this computer" and select "Connect to network". Then enter the address of the WebDAV server in the ITS. The easiest way is to enter the IP address and port number.

You can use transaction SITSPMON to configure the ports and hostnames for the services of the ITS:

If you want to reach the server via a hostname it gets a bit more complicated. Normally a mapping from IP address to host is entered in the HOSTS file in Windows. Unfortunately, only the name resolution is supported; a specification of a port is then not possible.

To solve this you can use the IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Services), which can forward a request to a specific port. The SAP router can also be used.

Note on performance:
It may be useful to create an index for the MIME repository table. This can significantly speed up access to the MIME repository: