We want to check special RFC connection parameters

Normally, it is not necessary to specify a special configuration for the RFC connection in the GuiXT profile; the RFC user name and the (usually encrypted) password are sufficient.
For special cases, however, you can specify all the parameters provided by SAP in the RFC connection configuration in the GuiXT profile. GuiXT passes the RFC parameters from the GuiXT configuration (profile in the Windows Registry or guixt.ini file) essentially 1:1 to the SAP RFC interface.
In case of connectivity or RFC configuration problems, it is therefore helpful to first check independently of GuiXT scripts whether the RFC parameters are specified correctly.

Download the SAP RFC SDK from the SAP Marketplace and use the program "startrfc.exe" to test different configurations.

To give you a quick start for the tests, we have compiled the required files from the SAP RFC SDK here as a .zip file rfctest.zip. You can unzip the file into a local folder e.g. C:\rfctest and start testing immediately. Since we do not update the zip file, it is still recommended to download the latest version of SAP RFC SDK from SAP Marketplace.

It is helpful to use a .bat file to be able to enter the configuration parameters as a text file.
As an example, we use the following .bat file:

startrfc.exe -h s4hdev -s 00 -u GERD -p XXXXXX -c 100 -l EN -i


The output is as follows:

If an error occurs, it will be displayed as output in the console. Example::

startrfc.exe -h s4hdev -s 07 -u GERD -p XXXXXX -c 100 -l EN -i

With the option -? you can display the options of the program "startrfc.exe":

You can test more complex parameters like SNC configuration in a local "sapnwrfc.ini" file. You then only specify the destination stored there in the call:

startrfc.exe -D M75 -i

SNC_MYNAME=p/secude:CN=ALEREMOTE, O=my company, C=GB
SNC_PARTNERNAME=p/secude:CN=PRD, O=my company, C=GB

The possible parameters are described in the file "sapnwrfc.ini" in the SAP RFC SDK, folder "demo".

Once you are sure you have the correct RFC configuration, you can transfer the parameters to the GuiXT profile.


Reference to an existing SAP GUI connection

If you can assume that a SAP GUI connection is always stored under a specific name XXX, you can refer directly to the SAP GUI parameters by specifying SAPLOGON_ID=XXX.

Example (GuiXT profile):

The RFC connection then uses all the parameters of the SAP GUI connection, including the SNC configuration.