Swift and uncomplicated navigation is desirable within the all-embracing SAP system.  GuiXT allows you not only to simplify the screens, but also to add pushbuttons for frequently needed functions.

As an example, let's take the initial screen of transaction  VA01 (Create sales order). Using the pull down menus you can call up lists of inquiries, quotations and orders. Let us assume that you want to integrate these actions directly into the screen.

How to proceed: you first look up the corresponding function code by pressing F1 when the cursor is positioned on the right line in the pull down menu. You can also use any external code that the user can enter in the OK code field. You then use the pushbutton command to display the push button: 

Pushbutton  (12,01)  "Inquiries"   "/OVA15"
Pushbutton  (12,17)  "Quotations"  "/OVA25"
Pushbutton  (12,34)  "Orders"      "/OVA05"

In addition, you can display an icon and a quick info for each push button. You must adhere to the SAP standard for push button definitions:

Pushbutton  (12,01)  "@3B\QList of Inquiries@Inquiries"    "/OVA15"
Pushbutton  (12,17)  "@3B\QList of Quotations@Quotations"  "/OVA25"
Pushbutton  (12,34)  "@3B\QList of Orders@Orders"          "/OVA05"

The 2-letter code for the icons can be found in transaction ICON. 


The button size can be specified as well; this is particularly useful for touch screen applications:

box (11,0) (15,49) "Lists"
pushbutton (12,1) "@3B\QList of Inquiries@Inquiries"    "/OVA15" size=(3,14)
pushbutton (12,17) "@3B\QList of Quotations@Quotations" "/OVA25" size=(3,14)
pushbutton (12,34) "@3B\QList of Orders@Orders"         "/OVA05" size=(3,14)

If you wish, you can also incorporate the pushbuttons in the standard toolbar. A function key is assigned automatically: 

pushbutton (toolbar) "@3B\QList of Inquiries@Inquiries"   "/OVA15"
pushbutton (toolbar) "@3B\QList of Quotations@Quotations" "/OVA25"
pushbutton (toolbar) "@3B\QList of Orders@Orders"         "/OVA05"

Some firms have chosen to create their own comprehensive menus consisting of images and push buttons, where all relevant actions for a specific user group are collected and described.