Help texts concerning input fields are normally available in SAP. But they require an additional dialog step, and furthermore just the right little tip that would be the most helpful is sometimes missing, one that gives a useful example for instance. 

The user would certainly welcome an additional tip concerning a field or a field group which can be displayed locally (quickinfo).

For example, you have cancelled  the input possibility of the field  "EAN/UPC Code" in the material master data, and now want to add a brief explanation:

NoInput F[EAN/UPC]
Tip F[EAN/UPC] "International Article Number - internal assignment"

You can only write one line of text, up to 255 characters. But it is amazing how helpful a well formulated short sentence can be. A few typical input values will also help the user: 

Tip F[Movement type] "251-sales/252-reversal 331-random sample/332-rev. 551-scrap/552-rev."


With "GuiXT Controls" you can create your own help files in html format. See our GuiXT Controls tutorial for the details.

mark F[Sales organization] viewHelp="C:\guixt\africa.html"
F[Sales office] viewHelp="C:\guixt\africa.html"