There are two ways you can test InputScripts:

  • Switch on a Trace

  • Run the  InputScript screen by screen 

We will show both possibilities using the example from Tutorial 1. 

To switch on Trace, click the "Trace"-Button (or in Menu click Tools->Trace) while in GuiXT. Now start the InputScript. In the "Trace" window in GuiXT all the statements in the InputScripts are now traced. By switching Trace off and on you can delete the contents of the Trace window for a further test.

Switching on the Trace-Function in GuiXT


Run InputScript 


Trace output

Activate the option "Visible" and run the InputScript in order to display all the automatically processed screens. GuiXT displays all the screens, and by pressing the "enter" button you can continue the processing. The options "Visible" and "Trace" are independent of each other; they can be activated separately or together.

Switch on the Visible-Function in GuiXT


In the "script" window in GuiXT the active section of the InputScript is shown. The action specified with "Enter" is automatically executed when you press the "Enter" key.