Product Version Download file Size Installation notes
with InputAssistant und GuiXT Controls
2022 Q4 2 guixtsetup.exe 7 MB Installation
with InputAssistant und GuiXT Controls
Attention! Please use this version up to
SAP GUI 7.60 PL12 or SAP GUI 7.70 PL2
2021 Q2 1 guixtsetup.2021Q201.exe 7 MB Installation
GuiXT Script Editor Pro 2022 Q4 2 guixt.editor.setup.exe 24 MB Installation
GuiXT Utilities 2022-12-05 0.2 MB Installation
UI Log 2021-10-12 0.6 MB Installation
CIS mobile for S/4HANA 2022.03.16 78 MB Installation
S10 Framework 2022 Q4 2 6 MB Installation

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