S10 Framework

Direct web interface for ABAP Objects

The S10 Framework offers the possibility to create high-performance web applications based on HTML5 and ABAP OO.

It is based on SAP standard technologies. With a simple HTML editor, some ABAP knowledge and the S10 generator, ready to run apps can be made available in a short time.

High-performance mobile applications based on HTML5
and ABAP Objects


Completely integrated into the
SAP technology stack,
SAP ERP and S/4HANA compatible


Take a look at the
Demo applications and
experience the S10 Framework



The S10 framework combines HTML5 based user interfaces with ABAP classes in a very elegant way. The UI can thus be freely designed with all the possibilities offered by modern web applications.

The applications themselves are then implemented in ABAP with everything this powerful language has to offer.

Responsive design
The applications can be used with smartphones as well as tablets and desktop-PCs.

S10 interprets responsiveness as the intelligent selection of information that makes the best use of available space to assist users in their particular tasks

Dialog based applications
S10 transfers GuiXT's proven principle of offering all information and input fields relevant to a particular process to the user on a compressed page (role-based single-screen transactions).

Flat learning curve for developers
Existing ABAP and HTML knowledge can be used immediately.

The separation of UI and data model makes it possible to freely design the user interface with any HTML editor and to implement the application logic in an ABAP class independently.

Very low overhead, fast response times
Thanks to clever S10 mechanisms, only a minimal amount of data is transferred, and the applications react very quickly to user inputs, so smooth working is possible.

Integrated into SAP technology stack
The S10 framework works on standard SAP system technologies. The required components are usually already active and configured.

Compatible with all newer SAP releases
S10 applications run compatibly on SAP ERP and on S/4HANA

Compatible with Fiori Launchpad
S10 applications can be integrated into the Fiori Launchpad as dynamic tiles and also launched from there, running embedded in the Launchpad.

Free for up to 10 users
You can use the S10 Framework for up to 10 productive users free of charge.

The basic concept in S10 application development is the separation of UI and application logic (MVC principle).

The S10 Framework is then responsible for data binding at runtime. S10 applications consist of the user interface, the "views" in the form of HTML files, and the application logic, implemented as ABAP classes.

Advantages of the S10 Framework
By using standard technologies, existing know-how can be optimally used to quickly build mobile applications.

No additional infrastructure needs to be built. The applications fit seamlessly into the existing architecture, so that proven tools can be used, e.g. the ABAP Debugger, the SAP Application Log and reading data with ABAP methods.

Development Tools
The user interface can be developed with any HTML editor. For the ABAP classes you can work with the SAP GUI or also Eclipse.

To speed up development, it is also possible to develop the HTML views directly on the PC and launch the S10 application locally.

Learning Path
A brief overview of the technology and capabilities of S10 are presented in a 5-minute video. Another video introduces the S10 Framework in more detail and demonstrates some implementation examples.

Also helpful is the Quickstart, which covers all steps from installation, configuration, and the first basic application.

Generating applications
For frequently required tasks in application development, the S10 Framework offers the possibility of automatic generation of application parts.

This saves development time and ensures a uniform structure. An object from the SAP Data Dictionary (table, view or CDS view) serves as the basis.

Documentation, reference and tutorials
In addition to the reference of all functions of the S10 Framework, the documentation offers many examples on how to implement application components.

As a helpful introduction to development with S10, you will also find a tutorial with consecutive chapters.

The S10 framework works on standard SAP system technologies.

The required components are usually already active and configured. By importing an SAP transport request, you install the S10 Framework in minutes.

Fiori Launchpad Integration
S10 applications can be integrated into the Fiori Launchpad as dynamic tiles and also launched from there, running embedded within the Launchpad.
Integration into SAP GUI
With GuiXT Controls you can integrate any S10 application into a SAP GUI window.

Our demo examples are intended to illustrate some of the capabilities of the S10 Framework.

Please also feel free to use our contact form if you would like further information, e.g. in the form of an online presentation. We are also glad to support you with the implementation in the context of a small prototype.

Demo application: Customer Overview
Comprehensive view of customer data in the SD (Sales and Distribution) module, order processing, sales analysis, price and item information, and CRM functionality (maintaining contacts and contact persons).

The appropriate application parts are integrated as tiles in the Fiori Launchpad and can be started from there.

Demo application: Travel expense report
This application is a mobilized version of the travel expenses, SAP transaction PR05.

The configuration such as expense types are read directly from customizing-tables, entered data is stored directly in the SAP system.

You can enter flat rates, enter travel expenses and directly upload receipts as images for entered expenses, enter participants and long texts and much more. The costs are updated each time data is entered. After the release of the respective week, the data can only be displayed, but not changed anymore.

Possibility to sign
Users can enter measurement data for a piece of equipment and save it directly in the SAP system.

Saving is possible only after a signature has been made on the device. The image file with the signature is stored in the SAP MIME repository.

QR and barcode scanning
Users can scan codes in the application using the camera. As soon as a code has been recognized, processing of the data is automatically triggered, e.g. posting of a goods issue.

This application demonstrates the use of the devices API.

Charts and diagrams
There are many free and commercial JavaScript libraries that can be used generate appealing graphics. The S10 Framework provides the data and labels from the SAP system, the images themselves are then rendered in the browser.

As a result, they can be updated virtually in real time, which enables impressive results, especially when combined with S/4HANA and CDS-views.
Document download and upload
The demo application shows the download and upload of documents using the example of equipment attachments.
The documents are displayed integrated in the application (photos, for example) or loaded via the appropriate external app (Excel, Word, for example). On mobile devices with a camera, photos can be taken and uploaded in compressed form.