Purpose With del you can delete fields, field groups, pushbuttons, radiobuttons, checkboxes, tables and menu items.

del F[Business area.]

del G[Client specific configuration]  

del #[12,60]

del F[Business area.]+(1,3)

del M[Change]

Format del [screen element]  

In the case of fields both the field name and the value or the input field that follows are deleted. In the case of field groups all elements within the group and the group box itself are deleted.

del M[menu item]

Deletes a menu item. You can use either the menu item text or work with the hierarchical position of the menu item, starting with position 1. GuiXT deletes the following elements:

  • the menu item itself
  • the corresponding push button in the toolbar, if it exists
  • the function key assignment
  • if the menu item is a submenu, all items of the submenu are deleted as well

GuiXT  also disables the direct input of the function code in the OK code field.

-Triple Applicable for input/output fields with an additional text field behind the entry field. All 3 fields are deleted.
-Value Applicable for input/output fields. Only the field value (entry field) is deleted.
-Text Applicable for input/output fields. Only the field text is deleted.
-Box Applicable if the screen element is a group box. Only the box around the fields is deleted.
-WithBox Applicable if the screen element is a tabstrip S[tabstrip]. The box around the fields is deleted as well.
-KeepFunctionCode Applicable if the element is a pushbutton in the toolbar. The function code and function key assignment are not removed.
& Tricks
  • If you wish to delete all fields of a field group except one, you can first shift this field outside the box using pos and then delete the rest.
  • Pushbuttons within the application toolbar can be deleted as well. With icon pushbuttons you name them using their quickinfo text.
  • You can delete several screen elements at once:
    del [screen element 1] [screen element 2]
    First screen element on the top left corner and the bottom right element have to be specified. All elements between those two will be deleted.
  • To delete those pushbuttons in the toolbar containing no text, only an icon,
    you have the following possibilities:

    // Delete using the F-key
    del P[/8]

    // Delete using the quickinfo
    del P[Single test]

    // Delete using the icon id
    del P[@12@]

    // Delete the corresponding menu entry with the pushbutton
    del M[TEST]

Components GuiXT