Function Sends an info message and continues the processing
Example s10infomessage( ).
Format data:
  myexplanation type string,
  myhtmlformat type string,
  mymsgid type sy-msgid,
  mymsgno type sy-msgno,
  mynoexplanation type string,
  mypar1 type string,
  mypar2 type string,
  mypar3 type string,
  mypar4 type string,
  mytext type string.

      explanation = myexplanation
      htmlformat = myhtmlformat
      msgid = mymsgid
      msgno = mymsgno
      noexplanation = mynoexplanation
      par1 = mypar1
      par2 = mypar2
      par3 = mypar3
      par4 = mypar4
      text = mytext ).
Name Type Description
explanation string
Message explanation
htmlformat string
'X' = message text is in HTML
msgid sy-msgid
Message Id table T100
msgno sy-msgno
Message number table T100
noexplanation string
No explanation display
par1 string
Message parameter 1
par2 string
Message parameter 2
par3 string
Message parameter 3
par4 string
Message parameter 4
text string
Message text
Description Through s10infomessage(), a message is displayed to the user and processing then continues without users having to confirm the message as with s10confirmation().


s10infomessage'Appointment saved' ).

The meaning of the parameters is as described in s10errormessage().

Further s10infomessage messages in the same dialogue step are appended to the previous messages and displayed together. You can use this to display a log during a longer running processing.


* Start of processing  
write sy-uzeit to time.
=  time && | <b>Start of processing</b> |
'X' ).

Package processed
sy-uzeit to time.
time && | | && doccount && | documents| ).

* End of processing
write sy-uzeit to time.
time && | <b>End of processing
                            && doccount && | documents processed in total</b>|
'X' ).

We use explanation= instead of text= here, because messages with an explanation= parameter are always displayed as a pop-up, even if a message area is defined in HTML with

<div class="messagearea"></div>

With the parameter text= instead of explanation= everything appears in the message area, which, however, has a fixed maximum height by default and thus has to be scrolled by the user to see all messages:

You can define the height in your HTML page larger with e.g.

<div class="messagearea" style="max-height:80%"></div>

to display more lines:


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