• Call external functions (VB.NET, JavaScript and VBScript)

  • Embed an ActiveX object into the SAP GUI window e.g. a PDF document

  • Access GuiXT variables from VB

  • Handle contol events, e.g. a mouse click

  • Embed the Internet Explorer Control and interact with the HTML page using the connectHTML command

  • Embed VB.NET dialogs (Windows Forms) into the SAP GUI window

  • Installation and configuration

    GuiXT Controls is installed during GuiXT setup. For the method to follow, please observe the appropriate instructions.

    Once you have installed GuiXT, you merely require a license key in order to start using GuiXT Controls. You obtain this by means of the appropriate  Form and install it in GuiXT pofile.

    The files that contain the called functions (VB.NET .dll, JavaScript .js or VBScript .vbs) can be stored centrally, e.g. in SAP Web Repository,